Defining a Civilization

Culture and religion have a ‘DNA’…
Culture is defined as Language (Alphabet+Spoken) and traits.
Religion is defined by traits alone.

Government is defined as the Ruler and Ruling class, and a favoured class.
With a Primary culture and accepted cultures which can be defined through events, decrees and reforms.

The forces are Military-Society-Economy

Defined on a Cartesian plane.
Pacifist – Militant
Offensive – Defensive

Tolerance – Intolerance
Closed Minded – Open minded

Expansive – Growth
Protective – Free Market

Naturally, unless there is a modifier otherwise, your civilization will naturally wish to return to (0,0) in their respective defines.

For example, an Offensive-Militant, which is closed minded – intolerant, and Expansive – Protective would be a rather ’Imperialistic civilization that is currently going through a regressive period and not treating the minorities well.
It would tend to expand its lands at the expense of other civilizations.

Defining a Civilization

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